How to start a dog walking business: Step Eight

Dog Walking Insurance

You should never walk someone else’s dog without being insured.

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Getting Insured

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dog walking insurance
Do I need insurance for dog walking?

Yes, you do. There are many potential dangers to dogs inside and outside your client’s home. Your client’s dog might bite or be bitten by another dog. Your client’s dog might cause damage. Your client’s dog might get sick or injured. Any of these issues could result in you being sued. A dog walking insurance plan could help protect you from having to pay damages.

Insurance is cheap and easy to get. While dog parents can get insurance so should professional dog walkers. You should never walk a client’s dog without being insured. You should not walk a client’s dog unless you have dog walking insurance. Insurance is cheap, quick to get and it can help protect you from lawsuits. Whether you live in a small town or big city lawsuits can happen.

Why do I need an insurance policy?

You need a dog walking insurance policy because you are working with live animals inside and outside a client’s home. There are many things that could potentially happen from when you pick up a dog to you leaving them back home.

Should a dog walker be bonded and insured?

Yes and yes. As we’ve discussed insurance protects you from things that might happen with your client’s dog. A bond protects you if a client accuses you of robbing or breaking something in their home.

How much does dog walking insurance cost?

You can use our rate calculators on this page to estimate your costs.

Your rate will depend on a few factors like:

What is covered under the dog walking liability insurance policy?

You should check out our roundup of dog walking insurance offerings.

NYC is a very busy and litigious city. If you operate in New York City you should consider maxing out your insurance policy for the most coverage possible.

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