Dog walking insurance

Dog walking insurance. The best dog walking insurance in 2023

dog walking insurance

The best dog walking insurance in 2023

You simply should never walk someone else’s dog without having dog walking insurance.

You never know what might happen. Whether it’s your dog, another person’s dog, or some random event happening. Things do happen and sadly we do live in a litigious society.


Pet Sitters Associates

Better Business Review = A+

Website =

Email = [email protected]

Insurance ItemCost
Starting cost$190
Cost per additional partner, spouse, IC or employee$90 per
Broadened property damage$100
Cost per daycare/boarding location$155 per location
House sitting insurance$100
Dog/cat obedience training$155
Show dog handling and training$175
Pet grooming$50
Lowest possible coverage$190

Business Insurers of the Carolinas

Better Business Review = A+

Website =

Contact = Contact Us

“We have been around the longest, since 1992, offering broadest coverage for dogs/pets in your care, custody or control, including vet medical expenses, regardless of fault. We work with the largest pet sitting associations in the US and have done so for over 25 years now. Our service is second to none. We are not the cheapest insurance you’ll find on a google search, but we are the most comprehensive and there for you when you have a claim.” David Pearsall – Business Insurers of the Carolinas

Insurance ItemCost
Starting cost$210
If you’re not a NAPPS or PSI member$160
Additional insured$25 per person
Dog training$100
In your home pet care$150
Non-owned auto coverage$200
Limit/Aggregate 10k/25k$75
Limit/Aggregate 25k/25k$150
Limit/Aggregate 50k/50k$225
Limit/Aggregate 100k/100k$275
Limit/Aggregate 200k/200k$350


PetCare Insurance

Better Business Review = A+

Website =

Email = [email protected]

Insurance ItemCost
Starting cost$129
Broadened property damage$29
House sitting insurance$59
Employee dishonesty coverage$59
Dog grooming$39
Dog training$99
Daycare/boarding locations$99 per
Your animal injury liability 5k/10kIncluded
Included Your animal injury liability 10k/20k$19
Your animal injury liability 15k/30k$29

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