How to start a dog walking business: Step Ten

Dog walkers should relationship build with dog trainers.

Dog Walkers & Dog Trainers – A dog walker’s best friend is a dog trainer.

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Relationship building with dog trainers

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Reach out to dog trainers.

dog training and dog walkers

Dog trainers are your best friend.

Reach out to dog trainers.

“Dog walkers not doing business with dog trainers is the number one missed opportunity in the pet service industry.” – Josh Schermer, SparkyGo

If you’re very serious about working with dogs you should befriend great local dog trainers. Here are just a few ways it can benefit you and your company:

The ultimate dream would be for you to apprentice with a dog trainer. You’ll raise your dog walking knowledge and now have a great referral partner. You can refer them to your dog walking clients who need dog training. The dog trainer can refer you dogs they’ve worked with and help you reinforce their dog training. No peer relationship is more important to you than befriending local dog trainers.

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