How to start a dog walking business: Step Nine

Let’s take a walk.

How to dog walk – It’s time to walk some dogs.

View our ten steps to quickly launching your pet business.

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how to dog walk

Let’s take a walk.

If you’ve done the following you’re ready to walk someone else’s dog:

  • You have mastered the body language of dogs.
  • You’ve studied how to put on a dog’s equipment.
  • You have insurance.

Before you take someone else’s pet outside

Things you should have from a pet parent (even if they’re a friend.)

  • The client’s mobile number.
  • The name and location of the vet the pet parent uses.
  • A personal bio of the dog. Does the dog have any allergies? Are they aggressive with un-fixed dogs?

Of course before you take a dog outside make sure their equipment is on properly.

KISS – Keep It Super Simple

On your first walks keep it simple.

  • Avoid puddles.
  • Avoid other dogs.
  • Don’t go to a dog run.
  • Don’t walk far from home.

Make it a boring stroll down or around the block. Right now we just want you to get a few calm and successful walks in. I want you to have some quick victories.

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