How to start a dog walking business: Step Twelve

Dog Walkers Relationship Building

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Relationship building with your peers

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Dog Walkers Relationship Building

Reach out to your peers.

Pro tip: Veteran pet businesses usually can “not” handle the demand they have for their services. Most pet services welcome referral parterners they can trust to send business to.

Established pet services often can not handle their customer demand. It’s easier to find dog walking customers than it is good dog walkers to work for you. This means established dog walkers always need good referrals. That’s where you step in.

Who are your peers?

Anyone who works with pets, in any fashion, is your peer. This includes:

What do I say?

Simply emailing or calling a fellow dog walker can lead to instant referrals. Not sure what to say? Just introduce yourself and explain you’re looking to befriend other dog walkers in the area. Here’s the key. If you don’t hear back from them, try again, a few weeks later. Follow-ups will lead to more business and referral partners than your initial inquiry.

How do I keep track of things?

In the beginning you can use something as simple as a spreadsheet to track your relationship building.

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Dog Walkers Relationship Building