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Dog Walker Business Card

Dog Walker Business Card – It’s time to get a business card.

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dog walking business card

It’s time to get a business card

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It’s time to get a business card.

If there are two essentials to starting a dog walking service (outside of knowing how to safely walk a dog) it’s having insurance and a business card. You don’t need a website, Facebook, Instagram, or anything else to start. You don’t even need a phone number! You can start your dog walking business with a business card with an email on it.

Give a business card to every single dog parent you meet. Grab a coffee and go sit in the dog run. Make small talk with dog parents and give them a card.

Get a business card.

You need nothing more than your name and phone number. Business card websites even provide free icons you can add like a dog walking. Vistaprint and Moo Cards are two options for business cards.

What if I’m not good at small talk?

A lot of people don’t want to approach strangers to give them a business card. That’s okay! There are lots of other ways to connect with people.

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