Why do people abandon their animals

Why do people abandon their animals? A data visualization.

why do people abandon their animals

Why do people abandon their animals?

It’s heartbreaking when people give up their pets and it’s helpful to know why they do. Let’s try and use this data to better answer the problem. Data for this article was gathered in part from a study by the ASPCA.

The most common reasons pets are re-homed.

Where do re-homed pets most commonly go?

What factors would have helped a home keep their pets?

Interesting facts

  • There were no differences between cats and dogs in why people abandon their animals.
  • Households making less than 50k a year were much more likely to re-home because of cost and housing issues as opposed to pet-related issues.
  • Households making more than 50k were more likely to re-home based on pet-related issues (behavior and dogs not getting along.)
  • Those who rented their apartment instead of owned listed housing problems as their number one reason for re-homing.

Understanding why do people abandon their animals

Every year, millions of dogs are given up by their owners and end up in rescue shelters or on the streets. While it may seem like a difficult situation to understand, there are a number of reasons why dogs get abandoned. It’s important to consider all the factors before bringing a new pet into your home so that you can ensure you’re able to provide them with the care they need. Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons why dogs are given up.

Behavioral Problems

One of the most common reasons why dogs get given up is because of behavioral problems. This could include issues such as excessive barking, housebreaking accidents, chewing, aggression towards other animals or people, and more. All these behaviors can be managed with proper training, but if not addressed early on, it can be difficult for owners to manage when the dog gets older and larger. In these cases, it’s often better for both the dog and owner if they find another home that can better handle their problems.

Financial Issues

Another reason why dogs get given up is because of financial issues in the household. Many families find themselves unable to afford proper food and supplies for their pets due to unexpected job loss or other financial hardship. In these cases, surrendering a pet to a shelter or rescue organization is often seen as a necessary but heartbreaking decision in order to ensure their pet gets taken care of while they try to get back on their feet financially.

Inadequate Preparation

Finally, some families give up their pets simply because they weren’t prepared for what comes along with owning one – from daily walks and baths to regular vet checkups and long-term commitments. When people don’t do their research beforehand about what goes into properly caring for a dog, it can lead them to feel overwhelmed quickly once they bring them home and realize how much work is involved in taking care of an animal properly.


As you can see, there are many different factors that go into why some dogs end up being given up by their families – from behavioral issues to financial struggles and lack of preparation prior to adopting a pet. In order for all families looking at getting a new pet, make sure that they have done all their research ahead of time and know exactly what comes along with owning an animal so that everyone (including the pet) will be happy in the long run! With this knowledge in mind, you should be able to make an informed decision about whether or not you are ready for such a life-changing commitment!

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