Dog breed quiz.

Dog breed quiz. Which dog breed are you?

Dog breed quiz.

Dog breed quiz

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We believe that any dog, of any breed, would make an amazing pet. It’s also our belief that adopting a pet should take precedence over purchasing one. This quiz is meant purely for fun. It’s not meant to be used as a way to choose the right dog for your home.

This dog breed quiz was a lot of fun to create. We took the common traits of humans and matched them with dog breeds. Let’s talk about how we created this quiz. This is not an exact science and it’s just meant to be fun.

Table of contents

  • Doggy data.
  • Doggy criteria.
  • Making the quiz.

Doggy Data

We found a great spreadsheet online with lots of doggy data. The data for each dog, for each category, was broken down into low, medium, or high. If the category was “does the dog bark a lot” the answer would be high, medium, or low, etc.

Doggy criteria

In the quiz you’ll be asked the following:

  • Energy level.
  • Exercise needs.
  • Mental stimulation needs.
  • Trainability.
  • Sociability.
  • Grooming habits.
  • Child friendly.
  • Bark level.
  • Prey drive.
  • Potential to wander.
  • Guard dog instincts.

We matched these dog traits to their human counterparts.

Making the quiz

We found a fun quiz software and it was really simple to make the quiz. For each question, we provide three possible answers. There is a low, medium, or high answer to each question.

In the end, you are shown the dog breed that most closely match your answers. That is how our dog breed game was made.

I was a Siberian Husky 😎


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