Everything you’ve learned about dog years is wrong.

Dog years to human years calculator.

dog years calculator

Things to know

  • People used to believe one dog year equaled seven human years. A study has shown this is not true.
  • Dogs actually age faster in the beginning than humans do.
  • Dogs live on average twelve years while humans live sixty-plus years.
  • Small dogs live longer than large dogs on average.
  • Dog years calculator. Check out our visualizations below to see how old your dog is.

Dog to human years data visualization

In the data visualization below you can see how smaller dogs age faster than larger dogs at first. Over the years though smaller dogs start to age slower than bigger dogs. You can see the age of the dog in the big number on the bottom right of the visualization.

Small size dog breeds (20 pounds or less)

Medium size dog breeds (21-50 pounds)

Large dog breeds (51-90 pounds)

Giant dog breeds (over 90 pounds)

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