Dog Walking Prices

Dog walking prices. How much do dog walkers charge?

dog walking prices

How much do dog walkers charge?

The typical price for an individual thirty-minute dog walk ranges from $15-$30. The typical price for a thirty-minute group dog walk (more than one dog) ranges from $10-$20 per dog. The typical price for an individual sixty-minute dog walk ranges from $20-$40. The typical price for a group of sixty-minute dog walks ranges from $20-$30 per dog.

Dog walking charges are usually based on the following criteria:

1. Where you live. Time is money to dog walkers. They don’t make money while they travel. In fact, they lose money if they have to drive a car. The farther you live away from a dog walker’s other clients the less money they make.

2. How long your dog is walked. The worst price per minute rate is for fifteen and thirty-minute walks. You get the most time for money for forty-five-minute and up dog walks.

3. The number of dogs walked at once. Individual dog walks are considered a premium service and should cost more than group dog walking. The more dogs on a walk should be the less you pay.

4. How frequently do you use the dog walker. The more frequently you use a dog walker the better the chance you have to receive a discount.

5. The experience and skill set of your dog walker. The more experienced and trusted a dog walker is the better chance they have to charge higher rates. An experienced dog walker with a good reputation can charge more than other dog walkers.

What are extra charges a dog walker might charge for?

1. Late-night dog walks. An active dog walker might only have to work a 9 am to 5 pm Monday-Friday schedule. Late-night walks for some dog walkers are premium services.

2. Early morning dog walking. As we know some people are not early morning people. You might have to pay extra if you need someone to come to your home before 7 am.

3. Holiday walks. A regular dog walker doesn’t have to work on the holidays as pet sitters do. A dog walker might add a premium for holiday dog walks.

4. Weekend walking. Dog walking is primarily a weekday service and weekend walks might cost extra.

5. You live outside of their service area. You might have to pay extra if your dog walker has to travel far to reach you.

Do dog walkers charge extra if I have more than one dog?

Yes. Dog walkers often charge up to 50% of the cost of a single dog for each additional dog. Example: A dog walker charges $15 for the first dog in the home and $7.50 for the second dog = $22.50.

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Dog Walker Prices

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