What type of animal are you

What animal do you share the most personality traits with?

What type of animal are you

spirit animal quiz

Creating the quiz

After creating our dog and cat quizzes I set my idea on the quiz. I love animals and I thought this was would be a lot of fun to make and educational. It was both! I always knew how smart many animals are but I was amazed at so much of the information I learned. Things like:

  • Pig mothers sing to their babies.
  • Orcas are the only known species where both the male and female babies stay with their mother for life.
  • Owls are symbols of wisdom but they actually have average intelligence for birds.
  • Penguins can drink sea water.
  • Parrots can live over eighty years.
  • Greyhounds are the second fastest animal on earth outside of cheetahs.
  • Turkeys are extremely social and they create strong, long-lasting bonds with each other, and humans.
  • Grizzly bears grieve the loss of other bears.
  • Lions spend 16-20 hours a day resting and sleeping.

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