Do you have the personality traits of a pug? Take the quiz to find out.


Interesting facts

  • The Pug was the mascot of the House of Orange in Holland. A Pug saved the life of the Prince of Orange in the 1500s during a revolt against the Spaniards. William’s pug, Pompey, barked to warn the prince of an attack on his camp by Spanish troops. After that, the dog breed became the official dog breed of the House of Orange in Holland.
  • If pugs, like all dogs, are socialized, they are amazing family dogs.
  • A group of pugs is called a grumble.

Questions we used in our animal quiz.

How often do pugs shed?

Pugs are considered heavy shedders. They shed their coat, called blowing their coat, twice a year.

What do pugs eat?

Pugs can eat both meat and vegetables.

How many hours do pugs sleep?

Pugs can sleep on average fourteen hours a day.

Are pugs aggressive?

Pugs are funny and friendly dogs unless, like many breeds, they are not properly socialized.

Are pugs smart?

Pugs would rank on the lower end of trainable dogs.

Are pugs street smart?

Pugs display some street smarts with an ability to adapt to and learn from situations.

Are pugs social?

Pugs are very social and they get along well with other dogs, children, etc.

Are pugs picky eaters?

Pugs, like most dogs, are not picky if you give them a variety of choices to eat.

Are pugs loud?

Pugs are generally quiet dogs. They do make a little cute snorting sound, like other flat-faced breeds.

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