Do you have the personality traits of a panda? Take the quiz to find out.


Interesting facts

  • Pandas spend almost half their days eating.
  • Pandas can swim.
  • Pandas are hilarious but don’t forget they are bears. They have sharp claws and fangs and could injure humans.
  • Newborn pandas are not much longer than a candy bar.

Questions we used in our animal quiz.

How often do pandas shed?

Panda shedding, called molting, occurs year-round.

What do pandas eat?

The panda diet consists almost entirely of bamboo.

How many hours do pandas sleep?

Pandas actively sleep and eat throughout the day. They will eat and then sleep a few hours, and then do it all over again. On average a panda will sleep ten hours a day.

Are pandas aggressive?

Pandas display aggression with each other in the wild to establish dominance. Pandas rarely attack humans unless they are provoked. Make no mistake though, an adult panda is a bear with sharp claws and teeth. They should not be messed with.

Are pandas smart?

Pandas might seem uncoordinated but they have average intelligence.

Are pandas street smart?

Pandas are cunning and they can often be found trying to manipulate their human counterparts.

Do panda families stay together?

While panda mommies and daddies don’t stay together, the mother will stay with their baby cub for up to a year and a half.

Are pandas picky eaters?

Pandas have in recent history become picky eaters. They survive on a bamboo diet.

Are pandas loud?

Pandas are usually quiet.

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