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Do lions shed?

A lion’s fur, called their mane, is directly related to their testosterone. If a lion was to lose a fight their fur would thin. Lions who are castrated lose their fur.

What do lions eat?

Lions are meat eaters and eat medium-sized to large hoofed animals (zebras, antelopes, etc.)

How many hours a day do lions sleep?

They spend 16-20 hours a day resting and sleeping.

Are lions aggressive?

Lions can be ferocious animals. Lions will chase and possibly attack humans, especially if they are hungry, injured, or frightened.

Are lions intelligent?

Yes. Lions are considered the smartest of the big cats.

Are lions street smart?

Lions are very street smart. They are apex predators and considered the king of the jungle.

Do lion families stay together?

Female lions spend most of their lives together. While male lions don’t help raise the baby cubs they do help protect them. Baby lion cubs will spend close to a year with their mother and will depend on her for up to sixteen months.

Are lions picky eaters?

Lions will eat almost any animal if they are hungry enough.

Are lions loud?

Lions have an extremely loud roar that helps scare away predators.

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