Download a master list of tax deductibles for pet professionals.

Pet professional deductibles.  

Please consult with an accountant in your state to verify your deductibles. Each state can have its own unique laws.
dog walker deductibles

Pet professional deductibles. 

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Things to know

Not knowing and tracking your expenses can lose you tons of money at tax time.

  • Did you know your walking shoes could be deductible?
  • Do you deduct the gasoline in your car, used for work?
  • How about a lunch meal with a colleague where you discussed business?
  • Have you deducted your cellphone bill?

Did you know?

Your dog leashes, dog waste bags, dog treats, and toys could be deductibles?

The money you spend on books, classes, and any type of learning could be deductible?

Any business-related accounting or legal fees could be deducted.

Dog walker deductibles: How to keep track of things

The key is to keep track of all of your deductibles. Here is some advice on doing that.

  • Dedicate a single credit card to your business. Only use this credit card for business-related expenses. At the least, if you do nothing else, at least all your expenses are consolidated to your credit card statements.
  • Use software like Quicken or something similar. At least once a month go into Quicken and add all your expenses. You can even tag expenses with the correct tax-deductible. If you’re disciplined with this you will not have to spend any time at tax time. Your tax records will already be ready in Quicken.
  • You can also use a free app like Google spreadsheets and our downloadable tax sheet above. As with Quicken log your expenses at least once a month.
  • Use a single email address for all your online purchases. This way all your invoices will be at the same email.

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