Greyhound Dogs

Do you have the personality traits of a Greyhound? Take the quiz to find out.

greyhound dogs
  • Greyhound dogs have been around for over three thousand years.
  • Only cheetahs are faster than greyhounds.
  • Greyhounds are considered one of the most gentle breeds and they are great family dogs.
  • Greyhounds are an extremely healthy breed.

Questions we used in our animal quiz.

How often do greyhound dogs shed?

Greyhounds are not considered heavy shedders.

What do greyhounds eat?

Greyhounds eat a typical dog diet with a mix of meat, vegetables, and grains.

How many hours do greyhounds sleep?

Greyhounds are heavy sleepers and sleep around eighteen hours a day.

Are greyhounds aggressive?

Greyhounds are generally known as a calm dog breed.

Are greyhounds smart?

Greyhounds are considered to have average intelligence for dogs.

Are greyhounds street smart?

Greyhounds are not very street smart.

Are greyhounds social?

Greyhounds are usually very chill and they can tolerate other dogs, children, and humans.

Are greyhounds picky eaters?

Yes. Greyhounds get used to a routine and if you mix it up they might not eat.

Are greyhounds loud?

Greyhounds are laid back and calm, and rarely bark unless they are playing with other dogs.

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