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NYC Dog Adoption Shelter. What should you consider before visiting an NYC dog adoption shelter?

nyc dog adoption shelter

What should you consider before visiting an NYC dog adoption shelter?

Taking care of an adopted dog is a huge responsibility. Before you start paying visits to NYC dog adoption events to look for a perfect dog, consider the following:

Doing your homework. Before adopting a particular dog breed, ensure you do enough research about the breed. This includes its personality, its’ grooming, exercise, whether the breed is associated with many health issues, and how easy it is to train the breed if you’re going to adopt a puppy.

• Remember to go for the right size of dog based on your family size. For example, if you live in a small apartment, don’t adopt a big dog breed.

• Do you have prior experience when it comes to owning a dog? If not, consider adopting a quiet, small or medium-sized dog. This will save on costs related to food, maintenance and training.

The amount of time you’ll have for your dog. If you don’t have lots of time for your adopted dog, look for a dog that has a curly coat. Dogs with curly coats don’t shed lots of furs and require less grooming compared to other breeds. Also, ensure that your preferred breed doesn’t need lots of exercises to remain fit. A good example of a small breed is the Greyhound; it only requires two short walks on a daily basis to remain fit.

Your budget. If you’re on a tight budget, adopt a small dog breed that will cost you less in terms of food and vet services. Moreover, stay away from older dogs who may need frequent veterinary treatment. Also, watch out for dog breeds that will require treatment from time to time. If you don’t have enough resources, simply don’t get a dog – it’s not fair to take home a pet you won’t be able to take care of.

Your family members. Do you live with elderly people or children? If this is the case, avoid large, and dominant dog breeds; instead, look for smaller and quiet breeds. Whippets might make a good selection in this case.

• Always ensure that you spend enough time with your adopted dog. Schedule time for walking sessions, training sessions, grooming, cuddling, and feeding.

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