NYC dog restaurant laws

NYC dog restaurant laws. What Are The NYC Dog Restaurant Laws?

nyc dog restaurant laws
What Are The NYC Dog Restaurant Laws?

According to the NYC Dog Restaurant Law, dogs must be in a crate or on a leash when in a restaurant. They are not allowed to eat at the table or use the same utensils or dishes intended for customers. In addition, you’re not allowed to feed your dog using your own pet utensils; you should only use single-use containers provided by the dog-friendly restaurant.

Businesses such as restaurants should not demand certification of the patrol dogs, or proof of disability in the case of hearing/service dogs, in order to allow a person to access the business with their dogs.

Besides, restaurant owners and managers are not required to ask for paperwork to ensure that dogs that join their owners at the outside tables of dog-friendly cafés are vaccinated and licensed. Restaurants are only required to post signs stating that all dogs must be vaccinated for rabies and should be licensed, but the customer is not obliged to verify compliance.
While live animals are not permitted to enter into or remain in an NYC food service establishment or restaurant, dining out with your dog outside a dog-friendly restaurant is not a crime. Hence, it may not be accurate for a restaurant to tell you that the city laws don’t allow them to have dogs at their outside tables.

However, it is important to remember that allowing or permitting non-service dogs at these outside tables is at the discretion of the restaurant. In other words, while restaurants can allow dog owners to enjoy their drinks or meals in their outdoor areas, they are not required to do so.

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