What are NYC Dog Park rules?

What are NYC Dog Park rules?

Dogs can have fun, exercise, and socialize under the supervision of their owners at the Barking Lot. The rules and regulations of the NYC dog parks are designed to prevent dog fights and keep dogs safe and healthy while at the NYC dog park. Dog owners are encouraged to point out inappropriate behavior politely without provoking altercations.

By visiting a dog park, you’re financially and legally responsible for any injury and/or damage caused by your dog. You also automatically agree to obey the NYC Department of Parks & Recreation rules. Therefore, it is important to consider reading these rules and regulations carefully before entering any NYC dog park or the Barking Lot.

In the event of a human altercation, dog fight, or dog bite, you should call 911. For other concerns, you should call 311 or contact the Parks Enforcement Police via (646) 613-1200 or (718) 760-6966. You are required to respect other dog owners and be courteous at all times. Here are dog runs rules you should observe when visiting a dog park:

  • All dog owners will be held responsible for their dogs’ actions
  • Aggressive dogs are not allowed
  • Always monitor your dog’s activities
  • Dogs in heat are not allowed
  • Non-neutered males are not permitted in the parks as they may cause other males to react
  • Dogs that start fights should be removed from the dog run
  • Excessive barking should be discouraged
  • Hosting events of over 20 people, demonstrations, and vending is not allowed
  • Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies, licensed, and free of any communicable diseases
  • People without dogs are not allowed
  • Dogs without owners are not allowed
  • Foods and glass containers that are not intended for dog treats are not allowed
  • Leaving your personal items in the run is prohibited
  • Each dog owner is allowed to supervise a maximum of three dogs
  • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • Each dog owner is responsible for cleaning up after his/her dog
  • All dogs must wear a harness during a run
  • Spike collars, prongs, or chokes are not allowed
  • All dogs must be on a leash when they exit the run
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages, smoking, and barbecuing are not permitted
  • Only allow your dog to enter the run if you’re confident in your dog’s ability to interact with other dogs and people
  • Always keep your dog hydrated
  • Discourage your dog from digging holes
  • Dog owners are encouraged to fill any rampant holes to avoid injuries
  • Avoid unnecessary distractions by limiting the number of people in your group
  • Lost dogs should be reported by contacting Animal Care & Control (ACC)’s lost and found the website

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