NYC dog parades.

NYC dog parades. Everything you need to know about NYC dog parades

Everything you need to know about NYC dog parades

New York City is very dog-friendly. It’s not only famous for bagels and pizza but also dog parades!

What is an NYC dog parade?

A dog parade is when New Yorkers dress up their dogs and get together to show off their adorable pups.

When do dog parades happen in New York City?

Dog parades usually happen around Halloween.

Where can I find an NYC dog parade?

Two of the most popular NYC dog parades occur in Tompkins Square Park and Washington Square Park.

Do dogs win awards at dog parades?

There often will be awards given to the best-dressed dogs but it’s all taken in fun.

NYC Dog Parades

Everything you need to know to get the perfect Halloween outfit for your dog.

  1. Is your dog a good candidate to wear a costume?

    You know your dog the best. Does your dog like wearing dog equipment, sweaters or rain gear? If not they probably won’t like wearing a costume.

  2. Practice ahead of time.

    Even if you think your dog is a good candidate make sure to put on the costume a few times before the big day. See how comfortable your dog is.

  3. Beware of overheating.

    Breathable fabrics are best to ensure your dog doesn’t overheat.

  4. No candy!

    Some people and especially children might try to treat your dog some chocolate. As you probably know caffeine in chocolate can make your dog sick at the least and be dangerous at worst.

  5. Match the personality.

    What Halloween costume best matches your dog’s personality? Have fun with this.

nyc dog parades