What do I do if my dog is misbehaving?

how to train a dog that is misbehaving

What do I do if my dog is misbehaving?

  1. Teach an alternative behavior

    Instead of doing the undesirable behavior, teach them a behavior you would like them to do instead

  2. Manage the environment

    If Taco is eating the food you leave out on the table, stop leaving food out on the table. If Snoopy is ripping up blankets, don’t leave blankets where Snoopy can get them.

  3. Remove attention

    If your dog is barking and whining at you, walk away and leave the room. Close the door if you have to, or put them in a play pen. Completely ignore them until they calm down. Dogs want our attention most of all, and they will quickly learn that certain behaviors lose your attention completely!

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