NYC Dog Bite Laws

NYC dog bite laws. Here’s what to do if you’ve been bitten by a dog in NYC.

nyc dog bite laws
What are the laws for NYC dog bites?

Being bitten by a dog can be painful and scary. Here are some of the keys you should know.

1. You can submit a report if you’ve been bitten by an animal or call 311.

2. The city does “not” accept complaints where one dog has bitten another dog.

If you’re bitten

If you’re bitten by a dog consider a few things (the following is not legal advice, it’s simply how I approach dog bites):

  • Is the dog fully vaccinated? Ask if the dog has it’s rabbies shot and other essential shots.
  • Was your skin broken? If it was and the dog lodged its jaw through your skin you should call a doctor.
  • Was the dog off-leash at the time of the bite? If so that’s the responsibility of the dog parents. Consider reporting the dog parent if this is a consistent issue with them.
  • What was the situation that lead to the bite? Did you approach the dog without asking? Did you pet the dog without asking? Dogs can be possessive and if you approached a dog they could have felt boxed in.
  • Reporting a dog bite “could lead” to that dog being taken away from its parents. Consider this and the severity of the bite before reporting a dog.

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