Do you have the personality traits of a pigTake the quiz to find out.


Interesting facts

  • Pigs are smarter than dogs!
  • Pig mothers sing to their babbies.
  • Pigs love belly rubs.
  • Pigs can run over 10 mph.
  • Pigs aren’t squeeling, they’re actually talking to each other.

Questions we used in our animal quiz.

How often do pigs shed?

Pigs shed twice a year, and it’s called coat blowing. A pig can shed a lot, especially during the spring and fall.

What do pigs eat?

Pigs will eat just about anything.

How many hours do pigs sleep?

Pigs are light sleepers sleeping around seven to eight hours a day.

Are pigs aggressive?

Domestic pigs are very friendly. Wild pigs can be aggressive if you invade their space and frighten them.

Are pigs smart?

Pigs are very smart and different studies have shown pigs are even smarter than dogs.

Are pigs street smart?

Wild pigs are very street smart and they are adept at avoiding dangers.

Do pig families stay together?

Pig mommy and daddies can stay together for life. Pigs are very social animals and stay together in groups.

Are pigs picky eaters?

No, no, and no.

Are pigs loud?

A pig’s squeal can be very loud and pigs can often be heard snorting and talking.

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