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Interesting facts

  • Owls sleep during the day and hunt at night.
  • Owls have amazing night vision.
  • Owls can almost turn their heads completely around their body.
  • Owls are the perfect flying predator. Their wings muffle any noise from being heard as they chase prey.
  • Owls are associated with wisdom but they’re actually not one of the smarter birds.

Information we used for our animal quiz

How often do owls shed their feathers?

When a bird sheds it’s called molting. Molting is when an owl gets rid of old feathers. Owls molt their feathers once a year, usually during the summer.

What do parrots eat?

Owls are predators. They eat insects, other birds, and some owls even eat fish.

How many hours do owls sleep?

Owls hunt during the night, so they sleep during the day. Owls can sleep around twelve hours during the day.

Are owls aggressive?

Owls can be a bit cranky and they will attack if they feel threatened.

Are owls intelligent?

Owls might be a symbol of wisdom but they are found to have less than average intelligence.

Are owls street smart?

Yes. Owls are craft animals. They have excellent night visions. When they hunt their wings can muffle sound creating stealthy attacks.

Do owl families stay together?

Owl mommy and daddies can stay together for years. The baby owls will start to leave the nest after a few months. They might stay near the nest and get food from their mommy for up to nine months.

Are owls picky eaters?

No. Owls eat a wide variety of things.

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