NYC Dog On Subway

NYC dog on subway. Can you take a dog on the subway in NYC?

nyc dog on subway

You might have heard about how New York City stopped allowing dogs on subways unless they could fit in a bag. This rule lead to some very creative ways New Yorkers still brought their pups on the subway. Seriously though what are the rules of dogs on subways in NYC?

Pets/Service Animals and Public Transportation

Pets are allowed on MTA subways, buses, and trains if they are in a carrier.

“When an evacuation order is declared, pets too large for carriers will also be allowed, provided those animals are muzzled and controlled on a sturdy leash no longer than four feet. The City will announce when this policy is in effect.” – MTA

Subways passengers with disabilities

According to the MTA, customers with disabilities are allowed to travel with pets.

Service animals

Subway passengers with disabilities are permitted to bring their service animals (an animal trained to help someone with physical or mental disabilities) on all MTA facilities.

Although passengers are not required to carry any certifications related to service animals you can get one for convenience. Click here to download the application for a service dog identification card.