How can Sparky the mascot help you?

Meet Sparky! Sparky the dog will be your friendly guide through all the Sparky products. The first product we’re launching, SparkyGo, will allow pet parents to find awesome local independent pet professionals

Meet Sparky: The design process

We worked with an excellent animator Laura Sirvent Collado to create the Sparky design. We started by giving Laura a design inspiration for what we wanted. We were looking for a black and white dog with the breed being nondescript. We wanted a fun animated feel like you see in children’s movies these days. Specifically, we wanted to duplicate the running dog from our original logo.

Lauren works really fast and gave us a bunch of basic layouts to work with by the end of the week. She was great at giving us multiple directions we could take the design.

We were excited about the designs and the big boi is the dog we decided to move forward with.

meet sparky our logo

Now the fun part. The process of creating our 3D Sparky character began. Lauren gave us initial 3D images for all the poses we were looking for.

  • Sparky running
  • Sparky sitting like a good boy
  • Sparky reaching over a fence

We loved the direction she was going. Our feedback was to have less black on the dog, to make the jaws a little sharper, and to have the dogs facing straight.

And voila she delivered us the final versions of Sparky our mascott!

Meet Sparky!

meet sparky
sparky running

What will Sparky do?

Sparky will be your friendly guide through all the Sparky related products. You will also find Sparky on our fun animated infographics, pet related games, and other software we create.

What is SparkyGo?

SparkyGo is a YELP for the pet industry. Here you will find the very best pet specialists, products, and services.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of SparkyGo.